News November 2020: Go-ahead for Haverstock Hill Cycle Lanes

by Harry Taylor
Extract from 12 November Camden New Journal

Haverstock Hill

The Haverstock Hill cycle route will see parking spaces removed from a stretch of the road running from Pond Street to Prince of Wales Road during an 18-month trial, in favour of crossing points and two cycle lanes. It has received heavy criticism from businesses along the route, as well as from councillors who were initially told not to tell residents about it.

The decision has formally been taken by Camden’s director of environment, rather than the Labour councillor heading the portfolio, Adam Harrison. Belsize ward councillor Luisa Porritt, the leader of Camden’s Lib Dems, said: “The cabinet member could have made the decision publicly, but instead hid behind officials while they made the final decision.”

Conservative group leader Councillor Oliver Cooper said it was “an undemocratic farce” adding: “Camden has completely ignored the views of over 80 per cent of local residents, local councillors, and the unanimous views of local businesses.” He has warned that a queue of traffic will build up behind buses as they pause to let passengers on and off.

Tish restaurant owner David Levin told a full council meeting in October that it could lead to the loss of 60 jobs, and pleaded with councillors and officials “please don’t destroy us”.

The council, however, disputes that the scheme could have a negative impact on businesses.

Separately, there has been a debate about how many cyclists will want to tackle the steep hill. The plans will see the removal of 99 parking spaces, including 66 for residents.

Camden’s Cycling Campaign has endorsed the plan as part of a wider network of cycle lanes.

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