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News June 2020: Royal Free Hospital Garden

Royal Free Garden

Linda Grove and Leila Roy have joined forces again as they did five years ago to ensure the patients and staff of the royal free hospital benefit from a beautiful flower garden.

Most of the land in front of the Royal Free hospital is owned by Camden council who gave permission years ago to turn it into a community garden.

People were saddened and shocked when the wild flower meadow at the lower end of Pond Street was strimmed and mowed down in May 2020.

"People have forgotten what the land looked liked when we started" said Linda, it was "one big rubbish dump."

Over fifty people have donated their time to this entire garden along Pond Street which is currently looking magnificent their handwork is there for all to enjoy outside the main entrance to the hospital. Enjoyt the magnificent roses covering the walkway which the children love to walk through on their way home from school.

The Ladies have now reseeded the meadow for the wild flower garden which should start to emerge in the coming weeks – if the pigeons don't eat all the fresh seeds!

If you wish to volunteer to help with the gardening do please contact
the Charity Office at the Royal Free.

Linda Grove and Leila Roy June, 2020


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