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The Case for Abacus Belsize Primary School

Police stn

The Old Hampstead Police Station was sold for the use of the Abacus Belsize Primary School. No one wanted the building as it is grade II listed and therefore does not appeal to any property developers.

The Police will never return to the building as it doesn’t suit modern policing requirements, having operated for years from just two rooms with the rest of the building remaining empty.

The Education Funding Agency (“EFA”) has completed the purchase of the old Hampstead Police Station on Rosslyn Hill, as Abacus’s new permanent home. The Hampstead Police Station is a beautiful, if rather complex, rabbit warren of a building that has been made available to the school. It is listed which means it will need careful conversion and preservation to turn it into a working school. It will retain the beautiful facade. The conversion will take some time and so it will be a while before we are able to move in. In the meantime we currently reside in a temporary home on Camley Street.

Abacus School is, and always has been, a walk and/or scooter to school – as it states on the Abacus website. There is no parking for vehicles allocated for staff or to parents on the new plans.

I am in total agreement with the requirement to reduce pollution in the neighbourhood and have joined the NW3 Green Group to promote the use of school buses, walking or scooting to school. NW3 Green Group is a community group of parents who have got together to try to solve the pollution in our area caused partly by private schools delivering their children to school by car travelling from outside the area.

May I encourage parents from Abacus school to write to the Ham&High providing details of how they were unable to find places in a primary school for their children and that they are committed to walking to Hampstead from Belsize, something we all do locally, why travel by car when you can’t even park? Especially as we live in such a lovely area as Belsize?

Please Tweet positive messages too – I am! And please write to Camden Council planning department in support of the wonderful little school is way too good an establishment to loose or destroy.

All information regarding the proposed planning can be viewed on the Abacus website.

Linda Grove, July 2019


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