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Air Studios

AIR Studios relocated in 1992 to the beautiful Lyndhurst Hall on the corner of Rosslyn Hill and Lyndhurst Road and named it AIR Lyndhurst. Next door to the studio is 11 Rosslyn Hill, a residence hardly seen by passers-by, which is located to the side of AIR Studios. The owners of the property have applied for planning permission for major redevelopment which involves a substantial basement under most of this imposing site.

This development will have a major impact on AIR Studios which could see it close. The studio is a premier scoring facility attracting some of the world’s biggest movies scores, as well as maintaining its popularity with major classical labels and high profile recording artists.

B May
Brian May

October 2015: Queen's Brian May joins Air Studios campaign

Brian Bay told the Camden New Journal “Given the outstanding contribution to the British music and film industries which Air Studios makes, it is almost unbelievable to me that Camden Council has not thrown out this developer’s application already. I call on them to reject it outright in the name of decency, and spare the applicants further time and costs in pursuing this selfish and unreasonable application.”

The musician joins a red carpet alliance fighting the excavation work next to the studios, based in the building formerly known as Lyndhurst Hall. Actor Greg Wise, playwright Sir David Hare and Bond movie composer David Arnold are among those who have already raised objections.

11 Rosslyn Hill
Another local basement project? – 11 Rosslyn Hill

Hampstead neigh­bourhood campaigner Jessica Learmond-Criqui, who helped amass a 9,000-name petition sent in to the council’s planning offices, said: “Despite the huge amount of opposition to this application, the owners are still determined to press ahead. We call on them to withdraw their application once and for all while they still have time to do so with dignity.

“They hold the livelihoods of just under 100,000 musicians and others in their hands, not to mention the British film industry. Never has the fate of so many been in the hands of so few. If they continue, Camden Council has overwhelming evidence to throw out this application and I hope that they come to a decision to do so soon.”

Hans Zimmer
CC.BY.2.0 Richard Yaussi

Hans Zimmer, who won an Oscar for the soundtrack to The Lion King and composed the music for Gladiator and numerous other film scores said:
"My movies have grossed more than $22 billion dollars worldwide and in no small part have the musicians and AIR Studios been a contributing force in this.”

He described London as a "film-scoring capital" but said that this only worked if AIR and Abbey Road orchestral studios were functioning. "You need both to make London a viable destination,” he added.

"As soon as one has downtime, both will very quickly have to shut their doors permanently and the film-scoring centre that London so prominently occupies in the world will be, literally, wiped out," Mr Zimmer told the Camden New Journal.

The studio has hired top lawyer David Cooper who has sent an official letter of objection to Camden. This is not just about saving of Air Studios' business, its about the risk of disturbing the foundations of Lyndhurst Hall. We face the same problem across the road with the threat to the foundations and fabric of St Stephen’s from the proposed Royal Free Hospital project on Hampstead Green.

The studio is now fighting for its very survival. The petition link is here

Regarding 11 Rosslyn Hill, Planning Application link
Despite the change to the application, the applicants have not addressed the issues raised by Air Studio's experts so my previous objection stands. Yours, etc”

Do use the petition as a template and quote the case number in your email. And do please make some changes to the petition to make this your own objection else Camden will treat all objections which look the same as one objection.

Address: 11 Rosslyn Hill, NW3

The closing date for comments is now 5 October, 2015

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