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New building on Hampstead Green UPDATE April 2015

Royal Free plans

Thank you for your support in making representations about the planning application of the Royal Free Hospital for the proposed 100,000 sq. ft. immunology lab (the Pears building).

As you probably know, local people largely felt that the hospital had not consulted properly – can it be right that by the time that the plans etc. were made available to the public, the hospital made it clear that it was too late for change. As a result, formal representation against their planning application was the only route open.

The Hampstead Green Neighbourhood Group (HGNG) in co-operation primarily with the South End Green Association (SEGA) and the Mansfield Conservation Area Advisory Committee (MCAAC) led the campaign. We were never against an immunology centre, only its size and location and the impact on local traffic and parking. Our objective was for the hospital to withdraw its plans and consult properly with the local community.

However, the planning application was approved. The council has applied certain conditions for further Basement Impact Assessment (BIA) work to be carried out regarding possible physical damage to the Grade-1 listed St Stephens, although we now have no confidence as to the rigour with which that further report will be carried out.

Prior to the hearing on 19th February, we had to engage both planning and highways and traffic consultants and made sure that our objections were valid in planning law. The report of the planning officer effectively ignored or dismissed them – quite wrongly. This, coupled with the scant level of scrutiny by the Development Control Committee (DCC), has led to the inevitable conclusion that this was a "done deal". This project must have been "sold" a long time previously to the Council who only seem to want the jobs and the money they will receive under the S106 agreement, but who have little regard for those aspects of Hampstead that make it special and lead people to want to live here.

The DCC may have given its verdict, but the concerns remain, so we have taken counsel's opinion. He confirms that we do have grounds for a judicial review, as well as other possibilities to continue to seek to support our original objections.

Our legal advice now is that the best grounds on which to maintain our opposition are: –
1. the danger of damage to the Grade-1 listed St Stephens and its foundations, and
2. the loss of light to the school’s classrooms within it and its grounds.

The former matter remains unresolved, which is why the council has been obliged to undertake further work and, with regard to the latter, it is clear that the wrong standard was accepted by the planning officer in his report to the DCC, and that the application of the correct standard would require the new building line to be set back further away from the school.

The project cannot now go ahead without: –
a) a Section 106 agreement being concluded between the council and the hospital, and
b) the further BIA work referred to above.

On advice, further reports have been commissioned, and we are going to issue a demand to the council that it does not formalize the planning consent without properly applying the correct criteria referred to above. If Camden fail to do so, they leave themselves open to a judicial review of their decision.

Jeff Gold (Chair HGNG)
David Kitchen (Chair SEGA)
Chris Fagg (MCAAC)

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