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July 2015: Cleaner Belsize Streets

Belsize Litter
Morning of 30th July 2015 outside Papa Dell's.
Black plastic rubbish bags left out overnight are subject to foxes rummaging for food.

Mark Hunt, Head of Camden Environmental Services, together with local residents Linda Grove and David Percy took a walk around Belsize Village, Belsize Parade and the area in Pond Street by the Royal Free Hospital to review the litter problem in the area and to see what can be improved.

It was agreed that Mark Hunt’s department will relocate many of the litter bins that have been moved in recent months so that bus stops and benches will be served with adjacent bins. Camden officers will also periodically walk the area in front of the Royal Free Hospital, talking to people about disposing of their rubbish and cigarette ends in the additional bins that will be provided. Mark’s department will work more closely with the Royal Free Hospital and the local community. He wants us all to know that anyone can contact him directly should they wish to report fly tipping or have any other litter concern.

New Litter Bin
The new design heavier base litter bin.

The design of the litter bins themselves was also discussed. A new type of heavier base bin is being provided with practical cigarette disposal on the top that retains the butt more effectively so that cigarette ends do not blow away after being stubbed out.

From now on, when cleaning up after your dog you can now dispose of the bags in these regular bins.

Mark will also work with local estate agents encouraging them to inform all new tenants and property buyers details of the Camden system of recycling and rubbish collection.

Belsize residents are very fortunate to have Mark working with us. We all hope that this will become a community project where local residents will help to solve the rubbish issue alongside Camden Council. Mark Hunt is always happy to hear from residents – email address at Camfen below.

Please join us in trying to improve our area by picking up litter and/or photographing fly tipping and sending it to Mark Hunt with the location address.

Note that there are also recycling bins on Haverstock Hill in front of the BP Garage for larger items or items for recycling can be taken to the Regis Road Recycling and Re-use Centre.

email: Camden Street Environment


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