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July 2015 – New Juice Bar opens in Budgens

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Coach at the new Ginger and Lime Juice Bar

The Ginger and Lime Juice Bar has just opened in Budgens. Run by Coach, who has eleven years experience of running juice bars around London, will make you great freshly-made juices on tap in the store, 7 days a week.

Rebel RebelRebel Rebel flower wall for BAFTA TV Awards

Also Rebel Rebel, the established London florist, will soon open new Florist which will operate outside the store.

The purchase of the Budgens brand by Booker is currently going through the competition authorities, Andrew Thornton is hoping it will be cleared by the end of the summer, and then they'll be able to take advantage of their scale to lower prices.

"Brooker is much more entrepreneurial – its unlikely without the imminent change that the old Budgens team would have 'approved' some of the changes are being planned," says Andrew Thornton.

In order to become more democratic, Andrew says that they have recently formed a Council at Thornton's Budgens. Eight team members now sit with him, Jim (the store manager) and Shanthy (the financial controller) to make all key policy decisions. Andrew says that when added to the individual departments decision making groups the Council will ensure that the team has a greater input into the running of Thornton's Budgens.

Andrew thanks everyone who has supported the Great Ormond Street appeal and the 'Great Belsize Bakeoff' with Fleet and Rosary schools. Over 700 books were collected for the Crèche in South Africa. And they are now collecting food for the local Centrepoint food bank – so if you get a chance to buy an extra item or two of long life products, you can donate them at the till.

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